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Maids in Zambia (Domestic Help)

Domestic help is readily available and relatively cheap, but well-trained servants, especially cooks, are hard to find. The need for servants depends on the employee’s official position and family size. A senior officer with a family might employ a cook, general housekeeper, gardener, and nursemaid for small children. Single expatriate usually employ one household servant.

There are no across the board practices in regards to domestic help and Zambian law does not regulate it either. There are no fixed hours for domestic staff. The usual full-time hours are 40-50 hours per week. It is common practice to give one and a half day off a week, Saturday afternoon and Sunday. It is recommended that you document all agreements, payments and conditions of service and obtain written receipts from the employee.

Average based salaries are subject to negotiation between the employer and the employee. It is advisable to register your employees in local private clinics.

Most employers provide uniforms for their staff. Gardeners are provided an overall and rubber boots. Some employers add fringe benefits such as rations.

All employers are required to contribute each month to the Zambian National Pension Scheme Authority (similar to Social Security) for each domestic. The employer must contribute 5% of the worker’s salary and the employee must do the same. Most expatriate houses include living quarters for the house servant and his/her family. Zambian families average six children.





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